Terms of Use


Japan Third Party Co., Ltd. (further referred to as“JTP”) stipulates the Terms of Use (Further referred to as“Terms of Use”) as follows.



This clause includes definition of terms that are commonly used in this Terms of Use.

(1)This Service: Services stipulated in Clause III which JTP provides to Users.

(2)Users: Individuals who use This Service.



This Terms of Use is applied to Users and JTP for using This Service. Users shall abide by this Terms of Use.



JTP provides services as follows;

(1)Delivery of GAIT related examinations; and

(2)Distribution of examination results.



1By pressing the “I agree” button, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the Terms of Use.

2JTP does not accept liability for any damage or loss Users may receive due to their providing incorrect or insufficient information upon using This Service.



JTP may deny the use of This Service by individuals who apply to one or more of the following;

(1)Users who do not exist;

(2)Users who have been denied use of This Service in the past for violating the Terms of Use;

(3)Users who have provided false, incorrect, or insufficient information upon using This Service;

(4)Users who have been denied use of his/her credit card or bank account which he/she had attempted to use for payment for This Service by the credit card company, receiving agency, or financial institution; or

(5)Users who is determined to be inadequate by JTP.



1You will need a GAIT account in order to use This Service. Your account may either be created by yourself or distributed by your administrator (Your administrator may be your supervisor, educator, etc.). If your account is created by your administrator, different or additional terms may apply.

2Users are responsible for their own passwords they have created for This Service. JTP does not accept liability for any damage caused by misuse of the password or use of the password by a third party.

3Passwords shall not be transferred, sold, or lent.



Personal information protection department, Director : Hitoshi Date

Tel: +81-3-6408-2488

1JTP handles information on users (further referred to as “Personal Data”) appropriately according to Privacy Policy (https://www.jtp.co.jp/en/en-privacy-policy/) on JTP’s Web site.

2JTP uses Personal Data for purposes described below. JTP owns the right to deposit Personal Data to the extent necessary to outsourcers.

(1)To provide This Service;

(2)To send out E-mails with information on the examination to Users;

(3)To send out analytic surveys related to This Service to Users;

(4)To send E-mails to get approval for the use of Personal Data to Users; or

(5)To use within the scope of consent of Users.

3JTP will provide necessary information upon request from the questioner or a representative (authorized agent or attorney) to notify the purpose of use, disclose, amend, add, delete, suspend the use, eliminate, suspend the provision to third parties of personal information (further referred to as “Request of Disclosure etc.”).
In case of making an application of disclosure or submitting complaints on the use of personal information, please contact the following desk:
Personal Information Consultation Desk, Japan Third Party Co., Ltd.
14F, 4-7-35 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0001
E-mail: adhq-all@jtp.co.jp

4JTP shall not disclose or provide Personal Data to third parties unless the Users understand the purpose, acknowledge who the Personal Data is given to and agree on its usage. However, provided that this shall not apply in cases as follows;

(1)JTP may disclose Personal Data to the extent necessary where it is the subject of a court order or other legal obligation compelling disclosure; or

(2)JTP may disclose Personal Data to credit card companies and financial institutions to the extent necessary in cases where it is determined necessary for spotting, paying, or collecting claims and debts for This Service.

(3)JTP entrusts its business in part to third parties for better service to customers. JTP may also entrust personal information to its partners that have been impartially elected to handle such information appropriately. Partners shall endeavor to handle with appropriate care according to contracts etc. guaranteeing security protection of personal information.

5JTP may collect and analyze Personal Data to create statistical data where Users are unidentifiable and may use them to develop new services. JTP owns the right to provide such statistical data to its business partners.

6Purpose, acquirer, recipient and storage period of the credit card information (cardholder’s name, card type, card number, expiry date) of the users are as follows.

(1)Purpose: The user’s credit card information will explicitly be used for the purpose of settlement of payments by credit card for the product or the service the user has purchased.

(2)Acquirer: Japan Third Party Co., Ltd.

(3)Recipient: Credit card companies and payment service providers (AXES Payment Co.,Ltd.)

(4)Storage period: JTP does not store credit card information.

7The provision of personal information is thoroughly dependant on the user’s intention. However, if there is insufficiency in the given information, the service may not be appropriately offered according to the purpose of the use of the service.

8Cookies are used with the purpose of simplifying the process of the user re-visiting and browsing our website. It will not violate the user’s privacy nor have negative impact on your computer. All fields in this website that are intended to enter personal information are protected using SSL(Secure Sockets Layer)’s data encryption system. Firewalls are built to securely store internal information. However the Internet connection does not guarantee flawless security.



1Users are prohibited from taking actions as follows;

(1)Using This Service for fraudulent purposes;

(2)Any and all actions that violate or may violate copyrights, trademark rights, and all applicable rights of JTP or other third parties;

(3)Any and all actions that lead to or may lead to disclosure of examination questions, in whole or in part, provided through This Service including saving, modifying, reproducing, distributing, transmitting, disclosing or publishing the GAIT examination, in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronic or mechanical;

(4)Actions that violate the operation of This Service; or

(5)Other actions that JTP determines to be inappropriate.

2Users who have violated previous section shall accept liability. JTP shall not take responsibility on behalf of such Users.



1JTP may terminate This Service, in whole or in part, without prior notice to Users in cases described below;

(1)Where there is an urgent necessity of checking or updating the system that provides This Service;

(2)Where it is difficult to provide This Service due to force majeure such as war, terrorism, riot, strike, earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, tsunami, fire, blackout, etc;

(3)Where telecommunication carrier does not provide services; or

(4)Where JTP determines that This Service needs to be temporarily be suspended, or be terminated due to unexpected circumstance for operational or technical reasons.

2JTP shall not accept liability for any loss or damage that Users or third parties may receive due to temporary suspension or termination of This Service for any reason.



1Unless separately prescribed, JTP shall not accept liability for damage that Users or third parties may receive due to reasons including but not limited to provision, delay, change, suspension, cancellation, discontinuation or termination of This Service, leak or loss of information provided through the process of using This Service.

2If Users cause damage to third parties by using This Service, Users shall settle the problem on its own liability and cost, without causing damage to JTP. If Users cause damage to JTP by violating this Terms and Use, JTP shall have the right to demand for indemnity.



This agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan.



All disputes arisen under the Terms of Use and through the use of This Service shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court.


Issued on November 11th 2013

Revised on September 6th 2016